It’s a bad idea to drink Nesquik with sweeteners

Like I mentioned before, Nesquik is a sweet-tasting chocolate- (also in strawberry)- flavored drink from Nestlé.

For me, Nesquik needs a little sugar because if it has no sugar at all, it tastes bitter.

But when my aunt prepares Nesquik, she adds TOO MUCH sugar so it becomes overpoweringly sweet. I’ve argued with her that I don’t like too much sugar, but she keeps on insisting that it won’t taste like anything at all without even a dash of sugar.

I tried adding condensed milk to Nesquik chocolate but adding condensed milk makes it worse, because adding anything other than the right amount of sugar overpowers the flavor of the drink. So next time I will only drink it with some sugar, and no other sweetener.


I should avoid drinking Nesquik for two reasons:

  1.  My aunt buys the packs of Nesquik for me, and she is used to eating food with high amounts of sugar/salt. So when she prepares it, she adds too much of either sugar, Nesquik, milk, or all of the above.
  2.  Nesquik is already artificial from the start.

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