How fractions became an important part of my life

Ever since nursery, I had a knack for math. It had been my most favorite subject – or was it?

Technically, the answer is yes. But there was one topic which “ruined” my experience of math, and that was adding and subtracting fractions.

It always took me a long time to add and subtract fractions unless the fraction given meets my two conditions: not an improper fraction and the same denominator. The reason I had a hard time doing this is because fractions had never been my strength. When I ask for help, even my dad teaches me the hard way and I never get a single fraction problem right.

Until one day, I met Teacher Tina. On the first day that I met her, she taught me the shortcut to both adding and subtracting fractions, which are:

1. Multiply the denominators, such as 1/2 * 1/3.

2. The denominator is 6, so divide that by the 2 in 1/2 and then multiply it by 1. You get 3.

3. Divide the denominator 6 by the 3 in 1/3 and then multiply it by 1. You get 2.

4. Add 3+2 and then put it on top of 6. Your final answer is 5/6!

The same rule applies with subtracting, except for step 4 you change the plus sign to a minus sign.

So there. When I learned the quick formula, I was able to use my knowledge of fractions for other uses, and it was especially important for me to apply these concepts for my dream job – which is to be an engineer, since engineering requires a lot of math.


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