KitKat Ice Cream

When I get on the bus after school, I usually get tired. Or hungry. Or both. But today, I felt both tired and hungry. So I bought myself a KitKat ice cream from the Nestlé Ice Cream vendor near our school.

KitKat ice cream is basically a cone which has chocolate ice cream and a KitKat bar. The chocolate bar is located in the center of the cone, and it doesn’t fall down because it is contained by the ice-cream.

It is not the typical kind of ice cream I buy at supermarkets. The ice cream tastes like half-chocolate and half-ice, and since it’s not purely sweet, it complements the taste of the pure chocolate in the KitKat bar.

Plus, when I finish the cone, I notice that there’s some ice cream and some chocolate bar at the bottom of the cone, which helps prevent leaking from the cone’s tip. The cone itself tastes almost like pure sugar, but the chocolate ice-cream has an ice-like taste rather than pure chocolate, so it helps buffer the cone’s flavor. Combine the two together and you taste pure chocolate, and not sugar.


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