KFC Original Recipe Zinger

July 23, 2017

I was hungry and I wanted something KFC or Wendy’s. I noticed that Wendy’s was too far from where we were, so instead I opted for KFC. Before I even got inside KFC, I saw a print ad for KFC’s latest burger, the Salted Egg Chicken burger, but when I looked at the picture twice, it didn’t really look appealing.

So instead, I just chose a KFC Snacker, which contains a KFC Original Recipe Zinger, KFC Fries, and a Coca-Cola.

I liked the KFC Original Recipe Zinger, even if my mom said that it is supposed to be slightly spicy. But I noticed that it tasted just like the chicken they use for the Original Recipe Rice Meal, so maybe that specific burger I got doesn’t even deserve the name “Zinger”. But even if it wasn’t spicy, I didn’t really care, since I had eaten fries with it, and despite the chicken not being spicy, KFC’s formula for their original chicken complements the flavor of the fries.

The only downside to it is that the meat isn’t always aligned with the bread, so sometimes I end up eating either bread only or meat only, but I don’t get to bite on both at once.


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