Pizza Hut Chicken has quality dilemmas!


Pizza Hut Fried Chicken sucks!

I remember trying back then their chicken wings in Pizza Hut Gateway, Cubao (2011) and my mom said they didn’t taste fresh. As if the chicken they used was just old stock.

The same thing applies for my recent eat at Pizza Hut at Ali Mall, Cubao. I ate Pizza Hut fried chicken, and the biggest dilemma I had was that the chicken tasted odd since either it was not cooked properly or they just used another low-grade batch of chicken.

Another downside to Pizza Hut is that they put too much rice on my plate, and the gravy is too watery. The extra rice and gravy was just wasted.

I will never order Pizza Hut chicken except for last resort – which means unless I really have no other option that I can eat, due to the substandard quality, I will never order Pizza Hut Chicken again.


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