Listerine and the variants

Cool Mint: Listerine Cool Mint is the brand’s bestselling variant. I like it because it tastes like strong mint. Sometimes, it even has a mild sting in my mouth, but I don’t care if it stings. Though it has 2 downsides: when I drink water the water tastes bitter due to the strong bitter mint flavor which remains directly after brushing, and if left untreated it starts to become a very sour aftertaste.

Zero: This was the variant I used the most. Listerine Zero, the brand’s zero-alcohol option, used to be my most favorite variant, but when I found out its flavor dissipates and tastes bland once opened, it’s now only my 2nd favorite variant.

Total Care Zero: There is no way I’m going back for this one. It cleans my mouth thoroughly and it tastes good, but at the same time it makes my mouth acidic.

Tartar Control: Yikes. The first time I tried it, it tasted spicy, then it left a sharp and bitter aftertaste on my mouth. But despite that, it cleaned my mouth thoroughly. And I noticed that the more I use it, the more my tongue gets used to it so it tastes less spicy as you go along and the sharp bitter aftertaste seems to disappear.

Total Care: I like it. It cleans just as good as Cool Mint does, but it tastes like bubblegum. And it leaves no sting. I guess this is my favorite variant – because it gives powerful mouth clean without the sting that Cool Mint leaves.


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