McSpicy Original burger

October 16, 2017 - I was craving for a McSpicy burger. So I asked my mom to go to the nearest McDonald's store so we could order one. I ordered the original McSpicy burger, and I still liked it somehow - even though it was less spicy than the ones I ate in Grade 7. … Continue reading McSpicy Original burger


Pepsi soda in a can

October 14, 2017 - I was craving for something sweet and cold - specifically soda - so I got myself a cold Pepsi. I love everything about Pepsi except one - I loved the taste because it was the right amount of sweet - the sweet which reminded me of drinking sugary lemon iced tea … Continue reading Pepsi soda in a can

7-11 Yakisoba noodles and pan de sal

My family went on a walk today so we could all eat breakfast out. My dad chose to eat at McDonald's, while my mom and I had eaten at a nearby 7-11 branch. This particular branch did not offer many breakfast options; my dad suggested that I have a bowl of Yakisoba noodles and pan … Continue reading 7-11 Yakisoba noodles and pan de sal

KitKat Ice Cream

When I get on the bus after school, I usually get tired. Or hungry. Or both. But today, I felt both tired and hungry. So I bought myself a KitKat ice cream from the Nestlé Ice Cream vendor near our school. KitKat ice cream is basically a cone which has chocolate ice cream and a KitKat … Continue reading KitKat Ice Cream

It’s a bad idea to drink Nesquik with sweeteners

Like I mentioned before, Nesquik is a sweet-tasting chocolate- (also in strawberry)- flavored drink from Nestlé. For me, Nesquik needs a little sugar because if it has no sugar at all, it tastes bitter. But when my aunt prepares Nesquik, she adds TOO MUCH sugar so it becomes overpoweringly sweet. I've argued with her that … Continue reading It’s a bad idea to drink Nesquik with sweeteners

Nestea Lemon in powdered form

My aunt always has a stock of Nestea instant powdered iced tea, and a lot of the time, I end up drinking anything but lemon flavor. This is because Nestea lemon tastes like lemon mixed with an unidentifiable and artificial ingredient. The other flavors taste more natural. The flavor that tastes closest to pure lemon … Continue reading Nestea Lemon in powdered form

CDO Burger Patties vs. King Sue Burger Patties

I've been recently eating burger patties for lunch and dinner. They're frozen beef-based patties that can be used in sandwiches, snacks, or meals. They're easy to fry and pre-seasoned so you don't have to lose a lot of time and effort making patties from scratch, especially on busy days. At first I tried the King … Continue reading CDO Burger Patties vs. King Sue Burger Patties

Nestlé Snack

In a 7-Eleven branch in Hong Kong, I saw this German chocolate called Nestlé Snack, a milk chocolate-covered wafer with milk filling inside. I liked that neither the chocolate coating nor the milk filling isn't too sweet, and they both complement the wafer's mildness. So the entire candy bar's flavors are balanced. It also doesn't … Continue reading Nestlé Snack