H&S Men Old Spice 2in1 Shampoo

Dec 2017 - In the Philippines, Head and Shoulders has released this new product called Head and Shoulders Men Old Spice 2in1 Shampoo. It smells like mild menthol. I don't like the way it lathers on my head since it doesn't matter how much of it I put, it still won't lather that much. I … Continue reading H&S Men Old Spice 2in1 Shampoo


Listerine and the variants

Cool Mint: Listerine Cool Mint is the brand's bestselling variant. I like it because it tastes like strong mint. Sometimes, it even has a mild sting in my mouth, but I don't care if it stings. Though it has 2 downsides: when I drink water the water tastes bitter due to the strong bitter mint … Continue reading Listerine and the variants

The verdict: Listerine vs Colgate Plax

I have been using Colgate Plax ever since 2010. But in 2016 I decided to try using Listerine Zero (their latest product). So which is better? Colgate Plax: It doesn't contain alcohol unlike Listerine, but for me it doesn't work. Besides, the green peppermint flavor has a strong, smoky odor. Listerine: It cleans the plaque … Continue reading The verdict: Listerine vs Colgate Plax

​Malkist Chocolate Wafers

An Indonesian company, PT. Mayora Indonesia (the company behind Kopiko coffee), had released a new type of chocolate wafer. The name of the wafer is Malkist, and it is basically a graham cracker with chocolate inside. I can't taste the chocolate that much unless I try separating the bread. Also, Malkist is too crumbly, so … Continue reading ​Malkist Chocolate Wafers

​Pond’s Men Energy Charge facial wash

I went to the supermarket with my uncle in order to try some Pond's Men Energy charge facial wash which comes in a black pack with orange text. I currently use Nivea Men extra whitening facial wash. Pond's Men is not really different but here's the main difference between the two: Nivea Men is thicker … Continue reading ​Pond’s Men Energy Charge facial wash

​Colgate Plax Bamboo Charcoal Mint mouthwash

Wednesday, Sep 27, 2017 - My aunt bought me some Colgate Plax Bamboo Charcoal Mint mouthwash, a product released in the Philippines January 2016. They updated their external packaging design, while the actual mouthwash stays green. I tried it today and I liked it since it tastes like mild and light green tea on the … Continue reading ​Colgate Plax Bamboo Charcoal Mint mouthwash

Head and Shoulders Supreme Smooth shampoo

Early September 2017 - My mom introduced me to a new Head and Shoulders shampoo she bought in Makati city. It's called Head and Shoulders Supreme. The packaging is white with blue leaves on it, and it comes in two variants: Supreme Smooth (green text) and Supreme Moisture (gold text). I used the Supreme Smooth … Continue reading Head and Shoulders Supreme Smooth shampoo