Pepsi soda in a can

October 14, 2017 - I was craving for something sweet and cold - specifically soda - so I got myself a cold Pepsi. I love everything about Pepsi except one - I loved the taste because it was the right amount of sweet - the sweet which reminded me of drinking sugary lemon iced tea … Continue reading Pepsi soda in a can


It’s a bad idea to drink Nesquik with sweeteners

Like I mentioned before, Nesquik is a sweet-tasting chocolate- (also in strawberry)- flavored drink from Nestlé. For me, Nesquik needs a little sugar because if it has no sugar at all, it tastes bitter. But when my aunt prepares Nesquik, she adds TOO MUCH sugar so it becomes overpoweringly sweet. I've argued with her that … Continue reading It’s a bad idea to drink Nesquik with sweeteners

Lipton Ice Tea: bottled or powdered?

Today, I just bought Lipton Ice Tea from the supermarket in powdered form. But I don't drink it as often as the bottled form. Let's review the pros and cons of Lipton Ice Tea. Powdered Pros: The powder dissolves easily and unlike Nestea, it doesn't solidify. This is the only reason why I like Lipton … Continue reading Lipton Ice Tea: bottled or powdered?

Taiwanese Lipton Lemon Tea

For the past few days, I went to a Chinese store in Manila that sells Chinese, Japanese and Thai products. At that time, there wasn't much snacks that I think would appeal to me, because all of them were either noodle soup, processed meat (such as pork floss), or drinks like chrysanthemum tea, all of … Continue reading Taiwanese Lipton Lemon Tea

Mars’ drink versions of Mars and Snickers

In my recent visit to Hong Kong, I saw that the HKIA 7-11 outlet sold drink versions of the Mars and Snickers chocolate bars, called Mars Milk and Snickers Shake respectively.  They each cost HKD 25. The products each come in a reusable 350ml plastic squeeze bottle. Their labels are designed to mirror the candy … Continue reading Mars’ drink versions of Mars and Snickers