Nestea Lemon in powdered form

My aunt always has a stock of Nestea instant powdered iced tea, and a lot of the time, I end up drinking anything but lemon flavor. This is because Nestea lemon tastes like lemon mixed with an unidentifiable and artificial ingredient. The other flavors taste more natural. The flavor that tastes closest to pure lemon … Continue reading Nestea Lemon in powdered form


Vitasoy Lemon Tea

My recent exploration of Binondo included a trip to a Chinese grocery store called Mandarin Supermarket. The weather was warm, and I was craving for something that was either soda, cold water, or iced tea. Out of the shop's beverage options, the only drink that remotely attracted me was lemon tea whose packaging was very … Continue reading Vitasoy Lemon Tea

Lipton Ice Tea: bottled or powdered?

Today, I just bought Lipton Ice Tea from the supermarket in powdered form. But I don't drink it as often as the bottled form. Let's review the pros and cons of Lipton Ice Tea. Powdered Pros: The powder dissolves easily and unlike Nestea, it doesn't solidify. This is the only reason why I like Lipton … Continue reading Lipton Ice Tea: bottled or powdered?