Lipton Ice Tea: bottled or powdered?

Today, I just bought Lipton Ice Tea from the supermarket in powdered form. But I don't drink it as often as the bottled form. Let's review the pros and cons of Lipton Ice Tea. Powdered Pros: The powder dissolves easily and unlike Nestea, it doesn't solidify. This is the only reason why I like Lipton … Continue reading Lipton Ice Tea: bottled or powdered?


Taiwanese Lipton Lemon Tea

For the past few days, I went to a Chinese store in Manila that sells Chinese, Japanese and Thai products. At that time, there wasn't much snacks that I think would appeal to me, because all of them were either noodle soup, processed meat (such as pork floss), or drinks like chrysanthemum tea, all of … Continue reading Taiwanese Lipton Lemon Tea