It’s a bad idea to drink Nesquik with sweeteners

Like I mentioned before, Nesquik is a sweet-tasting chocolate- (also in strawberry)- flavored drink from Nestlé. For me, Nesquik needs a little sugar because if it has no sugar at all, it tastes bitter. But when my aunt prepares Nesquik, she adds TOO MUCH sugar so it becomes overpoweringly sweet. I've argued with her that … Continue reading It’s a bad idea to drink Nesquik with sweeteners


Nestea Lemon in powdered form

My aunt always has a stock of Nestea instant powdered iced tea, and a lot of the time, I end up drinking anything but lemon flavor. This is because Nestea lemon tastes like lemon mixed with an unidentifiable and artificial ingredient. The other flavors taste more natural. The flavor that tastes closest to pure lemon … Continue reading Nestea Lemon in powdered form